Pattern Shop Download Fixed

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pattern collage

Happy New Year everyone!  The download problem in my new pattern shop has been resolved.  Feel free to purchase patterns!  See the Pattern Shop link in the new header or the button that reads “Pattern Shop” on the sidebar with the picture of the globe in the corner.  You will be emailed a link which will, in fact, open and show you the pattern now.  All is well.

To clarify my last post about the VAT. I am sorry that so many people are upset. I think that the situation is upsetting to shop owners and customers alike.  Both Etsy and Craftsy have no tools currently available to help the shop owner manage the VAT. They both use Paypal but Paypal will not allow you to only block sales from the EU, it is outside of the US or not at all.  This does eliminate so many from other countries–which doesn’t make the shop owner or the customer happy.  This is why so much time and energy has been put into my new shop. It is open to all international customers, as well as those in the US.  You will get the same patterns at the same cost.  You can still pay using Paypal because you will  be using the Paddle Paypal account, not mine.  So everyone has a workable option here and I am open for business!