Puddling Quilt Top

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Puddling Detail by Amy Friend

I have been working on an improvisational quilt top on and off for the last few weeks as a fun “free time” project.  I enjoyed making my Improv Fans mini and this started as a take off on that idea. I changed a few things. My palette is all new and this time I added one print. Also, I started with a solid center and then built outward with my fans. Each piece in the fan was cut at a curve this time.

Puddling by Amy Friend

After some thought, I decided to make strips with patchwork bottoms coming from the improv fan portion. Everything was handcut; no rulers or rotary cutters. I just used scissors. I have never done anything improvisational on such a large scale before. It definitely is trickier bigger, in my opinion, but I think it worked out pretty well. I am going to wait to square it up any more until after I quilt. I am still coming up with a plan but I think that there will be some straight lines and some curved ones too.

I am calling it Puddling because it looks like the colors are dripping and forming puddles. Sorry for the lower quality indoor pictures but I don’t want to hang this outside and allow it to stretch any until I quilt it!