Bias Strip Curves Workshop

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Sherri Lynn Wood

Today, my quilt guild hosted Sherri Lynn Wood, the author of The Improv Handbook for a full day workshop. She taught the Bias Strip Curves score from that book.  Sherri was a pleasure and very attentive and willing to help all of her students.  This is an advanced piecing technique where we attached bias cut strips to a center shape.  It’s also improvisational and was done ruler free!

Seacoast Modern Quilt Guild at Sherri Lynn Wood Workshop

Here is our guild, shortly after lunch.  We had each sewn about 2 pieces and spread them out to talk about the next step, composition.  Sherri’s class was nicely broken up into chunks of direction and discussion.

Sherri Lynn Wood

By the time we left class, almost all of us had taken steps to join some of our pieces together at Sherri’s urging. Some participants had nearly finished quilt tops.

Bias Strip Curves score by Sherri Lynn Wood, piece by Amy Friend

This was the status of my piece at the end of the class.  I am not 100% sure where I am heading next but I think I might applique this shape to a background and then add a few appliqued elements above it, prompted by a suggestion made by Sherri.

The class was a lot of fun and I would recommend it if your guild is considering inviting Sherri!

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