Color Palette

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color story
I thought I would share my process for choosing my color palette for my upcoming pattern (it’s in the works but summer sewing is proving to be challenging!).  The design for the quilt had been drafted for months but I hadn’t settled on colors.  One day, I was noticing my husband and son’s raincoats hanging together (center pic in right column) and I loved the chartreuse with the royal blue.  Another day, I was admiring my yarrow (top pic in right column) and noticing the several shades of pink within one flower and how beautiful those shades were.  I glanced down and noticed that the shorts I was wearing were about the same color as the yarrow and I was wearing the tshirt in the bottom picture. I thought, “Hmm, I like the rosy shades with the blue.”  But I wanted a pop of color and that made me think about the raincoats again.  So I added chartreuse.  The palette ended up bring a medium shade of blue, three shades of pinks and chartreuse.  Do you come up with color combinations this way sometimes? I can’t say it was planned. It just evolved over the course of a couple of weeks.