Good Neighbors Pincushion Party

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I’m so happy to help spread the work about Amanda Jean Nyberg’s debut fabric collection for Connecting Threads!  Her collection is called Good Neighbors and it’s full of colorful prints that remind me of Amanda’s signature scrappy quilts.  Good Neighbors is now available for sale and you can buy it here.

I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda at Quilt Market and she is so sincere and kind, that it is a joy to help her celebrate her name on the selvage!

Good Neighbor's Pincushion by Amy Friend

I fussy cut and paper pieced…shocking right?  Amanda’s collection includes warm bright pink, orange, yellow and red as well as cool blue, green and grey. I gravitated toward the later and started with a fussy cut flower.  Then I paper pieced a hexagon in log cabin style. I think that those little strips finish at about a 1/4″.

Good Neighbors Pincushion by Amy FriendI used a grey linen solid for the sides and bottom and filled the pincushion with bird grit and gravel that I had on hand from a prior pincushion making experience.  I like it because it helps keep my pins sharp, just like crushed walnut shells.

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