Texting While Sewing 2 All the Details!

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I’m happy to hear that there are a lot of people excited about this contest!  It’s going to be so much fun!  As promised, I am back today with all the details.  Let’s start with the rules.

1.  All contestants must make a bag that includes a zipper.  The design of the bag must use text fabric in a creative way.

2.  The bag pattern does not have to be original.  If you make a block and incorporate it into the bag, your block design does not have to be original.  However, if you use a designer’s bag or block pattern, you must credit them.

3.  The bag can be any size and any style.

4.  The zipper does not need to be functional.  In order words, it could be used as an embellishment.

5. Any sewing/piecing techniques can be used including, but not limited to, applique, paper piecing, improv and traditional piecing.

5.  All entries must be complete and submitted by November 2, 2015.  To submit your entry, post it on Instagram using the hashtag #textingwhilesewing2 AND tag me @duringquiettime.  You may put in-progress pictures or images of stacks of delicious text prints and colorful zippers on Instagram as well but it is not required.  If you do not use Instagram, you may email me a good picture of your final project or a blog link if you posted it on your blog.  The preferred method of entry is on Instagram but I don’t want to exclude anyone.

On November 3rd, I will select the top ten from all the entries.  Then I will forward the top ten to our guest judge.


Our guest judge is Penny Layman of SewTakeAHike! Much thanks to Penny for taking on such a difficult task! She will need to assign first, second and third place winners.

Once Penny is done, I will make an announcement with all the winner’s names which will include not only the first, second and third place winners but also a very special participation prize. The participation prize will be a random draw from all the entries. I hope that this will help encourage participation!

If you want to start with a little inspiration, you can see the winner’s from Texting While Sewing 1 here. Remember, the rules were different for that contest though. We made blocks not bags.

In another day or two I will post all the prizes to really tempt you! Including them in this post would have made it too long.

If you have any questions, ask them here and I will reply in the comment section so everyone can read the reply.

I can’t wait to see what you make! Go get creative!

**If you use the hashtag #textingwhilesewing2 or email me your images, you are thereby giving me permission to share the images on my blog and IG as I wish.**