Another Little House on the Prairie Quilt!

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Gianna's quilt

Are you familiar with my Little House on the Prairie Sew Along?  We finished up last year but the tutorials for all the blocks are still available on my blog.  Just search for “Little House on the Prairie” in the search field found in the side bar and you will be able to pull up all the posts.  My daughter and I read all the Little House books and I designed blocks to go with each book.  I then sewed them with my daughter, letting her choose all the fabrics and do all the stitching.

Well, today I wanted to share a reader’s finished quilt. Isn’t it lovely?  She added all sorts of extra details, like whiskers on the cat!  This quilt was made by  Karen Thurn of Tu-Na Quilts.  She shared a lovely story to go with it that I am reposting with her permission:

“It was made for my friend’s 7 year old grandchild in celebration of a prayer that was answered last weekend. Since she could talk, she’s prayed nightly for a daddy. Her mother was married on the 17th and there was a surprise adoption blessing at the end of the ceremony. This little girl loves the Little House books and is now just starting to read them herself. I live too far from her to have her help with the sewing.  But I did ask her what her favorite colors were so I concentrated on the pink, purple, and blues.  My mother added the hand embroidery and the ABC blocks were hand satin stitched. It took her 2 days.

Now my 5 year old grandson wants one too as he is a big fan of Laura—his parents took him to DeSmet SD this summer and they slept in a covered wagon. Only he wants a covered wagon, real log cabin, pair of red mittens, and an ox. So I’ll have to do some designing and switching out of some of the blocks. I might even try designing a fiddle. His colors are orange, blue, green and brown. Should be fun.”

Karen mentioned that she had trouble piecing the geese in the sunset and that it helped to not cut off the tips of the pattern pieces (as shown on the pattern pieces themselves) but rather leave the tips triangular until the whole block is assembled and then trim.  Good tip Karen!  I do that myself.


Thank you for sharing your quilt and it’s story Karen!