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The Texting While Sewing 2 Contest deadline was last night at midnight. I spent the morning looking over the entries and trying to narrow it down to the top 10.  That wasn’t easy!!  A lot of time and energy went into each and every entry and I am so grateful for everyone who played along.  I did manage to settle on the top 10.  My focus was the creative use of text and zippers.

I am going to share the top ten in a random order:

October 2015 036

1. This is Danette Stankovich’s emailed entry.  She made a Downton Abbey themed bag.  Lots of little details make this bag truly creative.  She not only used the Downton text prints, but she pieced 4 paper pieced blocks with Downton themes and all of them include fussy cut text prints.  There are even fussy cuts running down the sides of this bag. You must click over to her blog to see all the pictures and read about it.  Zips are inside (check!).

sewing_with_dragons2.  This is sewing_with_dragons bag with an appliqued sewing machine made of fussy cut sewing and design words. The zipper is included in a little pouch that is hidden in the outer pocket.  Check her feed for other views of the bag!


3.  This tote is made by saphre1964 and is titled Careful What You Say.  Not only did she use text in a creative way, she used the zipper decoratively which is really fun.  She has some other great pictures of the tote in her feed.  This is such an artsy bag making a great statement.


4.  Queenpeach_20 made a bag that serves as her travel momento from a trip to Japan. It includes fabrics purchased in Japan, tea fabrics to suggest Japanese tea ceremonies, and fabric that includes her last name, “Peach.”  I also love the way the zip was incorporated in the fun outer pocket, set at a quirky angle.  Check her feed for newly added daytime pics.


5. This Zip a dee doo dah bag by scrappynhappy is a fun because it combines the zipper and text requirements.  You have to click to her feed to see the back of the bag that has three zippers, each a different color, with the lining of that pocket a text fabric in the coordinating color.  I love that detail.


6.  How clever is this zebra tote by randomjeanious?  Not only is the zebra pieced with black and white text prints, it has a concealed zipper in the mane that opens to reveal zebra fabric.  Click through to her feed to see an overall shot of the finished bag.


7.  Misterandmouse had way too much fun making up a story and crafting this fussy cut newspaper front for her tablet cover.  Click through to her feed to see the back and inside too and read her story.


8. acrafty_maker made this drawstring bag with playmat.  The zipper is included in the center of the mat where there is a pocket to hold toys.  You can better see all the texty details she used in the eye spy patchwork if you click through to her blog post so I encourage you to do that!


9.  Happysewlucky made a Mega Zipper Zipper Tote to organize all of her zippers by size or type.  Each pocket is made of a different text print and the size or type of zipper is fussy cut on the pocket.  The entire thing looks like a zipper when it is unfolded…very clever!


10. This Cotton + Steel selvage bag was made by elnorac.  I love the way the texty selvages enhance the design of the bag.

The top ten will now be reviewed by our guest judge, Penny from Sew Take a Hike. The top three winners and the randomly drawn participant, will be announced on Sunday.
Thank you everyone for participating and sharing your creativity!
Thank you to our sponsors for enticing people to enter!

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