May Is for Makers: Week 1

Amy Friendmayisformakers4 Comments

Here we are, it’s the first Monday in May so I want to share my first #mayisformakers purchase.  I have pledged to purchase a pattern a week from an independent designer and share it here on my blog.

I am mainly a designer of paper pieced quilting patterns so I am grateful for those with a different skill set who can design clothing patterns. I decided to purchase the Scout Tee pattern by Grainline Studio.  I found it on Indiesew, a great source of patterns by independent designers.  I’ve seen this top sewn over and over by so many people on IG and blogs so I took that as a good sign!  I went ahead and ordered some AGF Denim and a few voiles to try.  I purchased the paper version of the pattern so I am waiting for both pattern and fabric to arrive.

In the meantime, I am on the lookout for my pattern for next week.  I would love some more suggestions please!