Little House on the Prairie Sew Along: Sheep

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If you are a new reader, I am working with my youngest daughter to make a quilt based on the Little House on the Prairie series of books.  There is a link in the header of my website that reads “Sew Alongs” and you can find all the information there. I welcome you to sew along with us!  I designed and sewed this quilt a few years ago with my older daughter so you can see the completed quilt and sew at your own pace. Penny and I are sewing (and reading) pretty slowly due to our way too busy family life!

This is the sheep block that finished up the Farmer Boy book blocks.  It’s based on a fun story in the book that my kids have all found hysterical.  Penny chose to use my Improv fabrics for the sheep body and accents, and Amy Sinibaldi’s fabric for the background.  She enjoyed the fact that all the fabrics were designed by Amys!  I tried to convince her to use one of Amy’s other prints for the background for a little more contrast but she wouldn’t hear of it. I like that she was firm in her choices.  She also insisted that her brother hold his sheep puppet in this picture to go with the block.  Welcome to my crazy life!