EQ7 Tutorial: Use Spray Thread for Better Block Diagrams

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I use EQ7 software for nearly all my quilt design work. I thought I would share a tip with my readers that I find really helpful when putting together pattern directions.

When I work on a block design in EQ7, I often want to be able to export the block image and have the black seam lines easily visible for clear pattern writing.  As you can see here, I pulled up a block from the EQ library.  Sometimes, when I export the block image (by clicking “File” then “Export Image”), the seam lines are too fine when I print the final pattern as a pdf.

Here’s the solution!

Click on the “Spray Thread” icon in the far right side bar.  Then select black for the color, the solid line for the style, and whatever weight line you want to try.  Then, click on the block and all the seam lines will increase in weight in just a single click!  Sometimes, it is difficult to see the difference on the EQ screen.  Often, I will export the image and see if I am satisfied.  Here is an example.

This is the block diagram using the first line thickness.

This one uses the second line thickness.  While the finest line often looks ok on my screen, when I convert my final pattern to a pdf, it normally isn’t visible enough.  So, I nearly always increase the weight of the lines using the Spray Thread feature prior to exporting my block diagrams.

I hope you find this tip helpful!

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