Little House on the Prairie Sew Along: Eagle Feather

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This is the second block in the Little House on the Prairie Sew Along that corresponds with The Long Winter.  It’s been funny reading about cold temperatures, strong winds and blizzards while we are enjoying August weather in New England.  Penny was losing her drive to read these books on her own and it is hard to always find time to read aloud.  So, this time, we ordered this book on CD from our public library and she liked hearing the story that way.  We’ve ordered the next book through interlibrary loan too since school is starting and she will get busier with required reading.

This block is an eagle feather because, at the beginning of The Long Winter, an Indian walked in the store in town where the men were congregating and warned them of a severe winter that would last 7 long months.  The Indian wore a single Eagle feather.

I make suggestions about fabric selections but let Penny have final say. I suggested a darker color for the center strip of the feather for contrast but she was all about realism.  She looked at eagle feather pictures first and wanted it off white, like bone.

This was Penny’s first experience with paper piecing.  She said that she liked the sound of the needle stitching through the paper.  Of course, I helped her position the fabric, but we talked through each step and I quizzed her as we went.  I would say things like “what section are we going to cover with this piece of fabric?”  She was right on top of things.