Little House on the Prairie Sew Along: Lone Star in the Night Sky

Amy FriendLittle House on the Prairie Sew AlongLeave a Comment

This is the final block to correspond to By the Shores of Silver Lake. In one of the passages, Laura talks about a star in the vast night sky that is brighter than all the rest. Since the theme of endless prairie skies is repeated in several of the books, a star block makes sense!

Penny decided to choose solid orange and yellow for her star and used a Lizzy House constellation print for the background. It has a touch of metallic silver which pleases her. She did a really good job keeping her quarter inch seam in this block and no seam ripping was needed. I think it was her best sewing yet.

She decided to take the block out and point up to the sky where stars are but realized that she couldn’t look up because it hurt her eyes and was just giggling. What a silly girl!