Gingerbread House

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I’ve been wanting to design a gingerbread house block for awhile but it was difficult to decide how I wanted to draw it and what details were most important to me.  I knew I wanted icing dripping from the roof, candy sticks, and a fussy cut window.

This little boy in the window just kills me.  How cute is that?  I decided to use a doily print for the door window to suggest a curtain.  If you happened to have just the right size wreath to fussy cut here, I think that would be perfect too.  I searched my stash for one without success.  I will be adding the little button as a doorknob once the quilt has been assembled and quilted.  I am tempted to add it now but it will get in the way of quilting!

This was the second block that I designed in EQ8 and, while designing it, I discovered another improvement in the software.  In EQ7, in the screen where you group and number foundation patterns, rectangular blocks get distorted into a square format.  It is still possible to group and number but it is an annoyance because the block is distorted.  This block is rectangular and, to my surprise, when I went to group and number, it retained it’s rectangular shape!  Sometimes it’s these little improvements that make the biggest difference when you are using the software every day.

The Gingerbread House block measures 10″ x 8″ and is available as a pdf download in my pattern shop, Craftsy and Etsy.

I hope you will make an adorable Gingerbread House and share it with me by tagging me on Instagram and using #duringquiettimepattern.  I can’t wait to see all the cute houses!