Little House on the Prairie Sew Along: Blackbird and Shirt

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Wow, as I just scrolled through the Little House on the Prairie posts, I saw my daughter grow up right before my eyes. I can’t believe how much older she looks now, compared to the photo where she finished her first block!  She has a renewed interest in completing her quilt, hoping to get it done by the end of the year.  She completed Little Town on the Prairie and made both of the accompanying blocks.  The first is the Blackbird. I will let you read all about its significance and download the pattern on the original post written when her big sister made the block.

She immediately set to work on the Shirt block. Pattern available here. She loved the fact that the fabric she used was even called “Shirting” making it just perfect and very authentic! This block will have buttons once the quilt is assembled.

Speaking of assembly, I’ve been working on assembling her quilt top for her. I have stitched the first three rows together and am finishing up the fourth. Penny has already finished the next book, These Happy Golden Years, and is excited to make the next two blocks.  And she is half way through the last book!  Her reading has really taken off this past month.

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