Modern with a Twist: Monkey Wrench

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Benartex publishes an online magazine called Modern by the Yard.  In the new issue, they are including a column called Modern with a Twist, featuring the traditional Monkey Wrench block.  They asked me to reinterpret the Monkey Wrench, or Snail’s Trail block in a modern way.  If you follow my blog, you know that I love to reinterpret blocks in an improv style that can be replicated through paper piecing or templates.  The basic construction of the Monkey Wrench block is three squares within a square, set on point.  I sketched my block by drawing each of those 3 squares in an improv manner so that they are askew.  This adds just a little bit extra motion and interest in the block when it is put into repeat and changes the way the blocks join together along the seam lines.  The block is mocked up in my Improv fabric collection. Here are two quilt top designs that I mocked up in EQ8 using this Wonky Monkey block.

There is a unique shape that is produced by the irregular design so that when the blocks are placed in this arrangement, there is a pointed, jagged edge.  I kept with a minimal, modern pallete using just my Improv Patches print and Improv Triangle Toss, primarily, with pops of the Improv Twisted Screen print in Citron on the diagonal.

Using that same block and palette, I came up with this very different design.  The citron column is set off center for a modern look.

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