By Hand Fabric Collection Coming Soon!

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I have been quiet lately because I have been sewing like a maniac for spring quilt market.  Here is a sneak peek of my new fabric collection, By Hand, for Contempo, a division of Benartex.  By Hand is a collection of varied motifs that demonstrate the depth and interest created by watercolor and brush. I have always loved the way watercolors pool in areas, and fade in others depending on how much pigment you have on your brush and how much water.  I love the irregularities that are created.  These simple motifs have a modern feel.  I wanted to include all the colors of the spectrum but I don’t care for the crayon colors in the traditional roygbiv, so I chose pink, mango, golden yellow, teal and plum.  These are more my “go to” spectrum!

My collection has 18 skus and I have created 4 new quilt patterns to accompany it.  I am going to be sharing those quilts in the next couple of weeks and the patterns will be released very soon!  I hope you are excited to sew with this collection when it ships in June!