EQ8 Designing Quilts Book

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I have some exciting news for EQ8 lovers!  The Electric Quilt Company has published a new book, released for sale today, called EQ8 Designing Quilts: Quilt Design Tricks from EQ8 Experts.  I have a project in the book too!

My project is there on the back cover in teal and chartreuse!  My chapter explains how you can use the border tool to create negative space in modern quilt layouts. I have designed a few quilts this way, including my Tranquil quilt which was designed in EQ8 (see below).

It’s such an easy tool to use and a great way to easily see how large the negative space needs to be in order to set your block design off nicely.

This is the quilt that I designed for the book.  It uses a couple of block designs that are built into the EQ8 Block Library–a super easy way to start.  I walk you through selecting the blocks and recoloring them to make a unified design.  Then I talk about how I use the border tool to set that pieced column in negative space.

There are lots of great projects in the book including designing a Rose of Sharon, creating Stars and Feathers, a Modern Wedge quilt, Pictorial quilts, T-shirt quilts and Hexagon blocks. I look forward to reading through it and learning some more about EQ8 myself!

The book, as well as everything on the EQ site, is on sale for 25% off this weekend, in celebration of Memorial Day. Just use the code “WEEKEND.” Here’s the direct link to the book.