Teaching at QuiltCon 2019

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The QuiltCon Catalog has just been released!  I will be teaching in Nashville next February and hope that I might see you in some of my classes!

My first class, on Thursday, is a full day workshop dedicated to Working Intentionally with Stripes.  We will be using my Magic Spark pattern above and learning many skills–how to foundation piece, how to work on a large scale paper foundation, and how to place those stripes directionally in the background, which really add to the power of the design.  The class is number FDP011.  If you sign up, please note that I will also sell kits to make the quilt as pictured, using my By Hand fabric collection. If you are interested, send me a note and I will get you on my list.

On Friday, I will be teaching Improv Paper Piecing with Object as inspiration.  This is a design class.  You will learn how to create your own improvisationally inspired paper pieced pattern and section and number it.  By the time you leave, you will also have sewn at least one block (often more) and have a great, modern layout planned.  This class is number IMP200.

Saturday morning, I will teach EQ8 Paper Pieced Design.  We will learn how to draw paper pieced blocks, how to section and number them, how to color, export the image, print the pattern as a pdf and more!  This class is number DES105.  If you are interested in EQ8 and haven’t taken the plunge yet, you may be interested in a 20% discount using my code “EQ8AMY” at electricquilt.com. You still have plenty of time to download the program and become a little bit familiar with it before QuiltCon.  Designing paper pieced blocks is my favorite way to use EQ so I hope I have lots to teach you!

Following the EQ8 class, I will be giving a lecture on Fabric Selection for Paper Piecing.  Be forewarned, I will be in-depth and geekily excited about this topic! I have lots to say and share!  This is lecture LEC18.

I hope to meet some of you readers!  Please introduce yourselves!