Papercuts BOM Update

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Craftsy made a big announcement yesterday that they were closing many pattern shops. They are keeping others, including mine, but are planning on removing some patterns and a period of inaccessibility. This is obviously not going to work for the BOM as I had planned!

If you have already purchased the BOM through Craftsy, I just updated the Welcome pdf file. Please download it and read through. It will explain how to log onto a password protected page on my website where you will be able to download your files.

If you have not yet purchased the BOM, it is possible to still sign up. I would encourage you to visit my Etsy shop or my pattern shop here on the blog. In either case, you will download the same Welcome pdf and receive information on accessing your files. I will be setting up an email group next so that I can remind you each month that your files are available for download.

Thank you for your understanding as I work through this sudden surprise just day before the BOM is about to start!