QuiltCon 2019

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Sometimes, I post pictures to Instagram only and forget that not everyone uses Instagram and that I should share on my blog too. This is one of those times! I returned from QuiltCon 2019 on Sunday after spending three busy days in Nashville.

QuiltCon opened on Thursday and I spent the whole day teaching Intentional Piecing with Stripes, a class where students learned how to best use at least one stripe, and often other directional prints, while paper piecing my Magic Spark pattern. This was such an enjoyable class with friendly students and just an overall good vibe!

Friday, I taught another full day class. This time, it was Improv Paper Piecing using objects as our inspiration. I was impressed with how well the students embraced the technique and really went for it, creating some cool original blocks. This class is taught from the last section of my Improv Paper Piecing book.

In both cases, my pictures only show a small portion of the work completed in class. Both classes were full but some students are hesitant to hang and share their work, which I completely understand.

After class, I dashed down to the lobby area for a Tell Me A Story block swap. It was a fun meet up with people who had joined past Tell Me A Story block swaps, were signed up for the next one, or just wanted to join us! I brought my original Tell Me A Story quilt from my Intentional Piecing book. We turned our blocks upside down on the table and then grabbed as many as we had brought. It was fun!

These are the colorful blocks that I received in the swap!

Friday was another busy day. In the morning, I taught Paper Pieced Block Design in EQ8. And in the afternoon, I presented a new lecture titled “Fabric Selections for Paper Piecing.” I am going to add this lecture to the list of my available lectures and would love to share it with your guild. I think it went well and people seemed interested!

I had very little time to walk through the vendor hall and exhibit areas. When I did, I tended to take in all the details and forget to take photos. I did take a picture of each of my quilts in the show, Sophisticate above, and Plaited below.

There were many beautiful quilts in the show. I really loved seeing them in person, rather than just on my phone screen! I observed lots of small piecing, curves and handwork. I was able to see a few quilt friends in person for brief meet ups in line for breakfast or in passing. I was able to spend a good deal of time chatting with each person in my classes and therefore, met some new people and caught up with some old! It was exhausting but everything went smoothly, minus the air travel. There were lots of delays there!