Designing Paper Pieced Curves Workshop

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I love designing paper pieced curves and use them frequently in my designs. Why paper piece curves you may ask? Well, it’s personal preference. You could traditionally piece curves or use applique, but I love the paper piecing technique and I love the way the seam lines look in paper pieced curves.

I was inspired by students in prior workshops, who were interested in creating curves in their paper pieced designs, to create a new workshop where we could focus on just that.

In this workshop, I will lead you through a series of exercises where you will design 6 paper pieced blocks, each with a different type of curve. Because you will be drawing your own blocks, everyone’s finished piece will be unique! (See how different my samples are from each other!) We will also learn about modern quilt layouts that include negative space and alternate grid work. These blocks, and the layouts discussed, will be used to create 18″ finished mini quilts or pillow covers.

You can have the pleasure of finishing something in class (or nearly finishing) and can use the technique again later on a larger piece. Please have your guild’s program chair contact me if you are interested in this class!