It’s My Week in the Summer Sampler!

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The block that I designed is being shared this week during the Summer Sampler 2019 Piecing Bootcamp. You can still sign up for the Summer Sampler by clicking here.

My block is paper pieced; my favorite technique. This block isn’t very hard so it’s a good introduction to paper piecing. I like to create blocks that have a lot of visual impact but aren’t necessarily difficult to make. This block doesn’t have a single seam or point that has to match up! It does have large pieces though so you are going to want to use some pins to hold things in place. In the PDF download, I offer some of my tips for paper piecing. I do not have a set up for video yet so I am really grateful for Faith who made a video for all of you to introduce to you paper piecing. Check out her video here.

This block is called Rope Twist and is inspired by the idea of a multi-stranded rope twist. I love gradients, so I used one for my sample block. Even the background portions of the block are included in my gradient.

When I shared my block on Instagram a few weeks ago, people were curious about how it would look repeated in a quilt top by itself. I thought I would share a couple of my favorite layouts.

They are fun, right? But you just need to focus on making one for now! The first decision is fabric choice. Most of you have fabrics set aside for the sampler but how do you want to place them in this block? I sewed up two more examples for you to consider.

I noticed that some of you are using a focal print in your blocks. I tried that idea out here. I would be careful to place the focal print carefully so that is maintains directionality. I like to use a light box. When you use a light box, it allows you to see the piecing lines through the fabric and your foundation. I use the Daylight Wafer 1 light box. If you are interested, you may use my affiliate code “DQT2019” for 20% off at checkout.

Here is a progress shot taken while piecing my block on the light box. I can see my piecing lines which helps when I need to extend my fabric 1/4″ beyond it.

The vast majority of you seem to be using a multicolored palette or scrappy palette. I made this block using four different colors and white for the background. It’s a lot of fun this way and I think it still resembles a rope twist.

I mocked up a couple of layouts showing the difference that color placement can make!

If you are a paper piecing fan, or become one following this block, I would like to invite you to take a look in my Pattern Shop. The link is in the right hand sidebar. My books, also in the side bar, are heavy on paper piecing too! And check out my recent blog post about a new paper piecing book that I will have ready for you this coming winter!

I hope you are enjoying your Summer Sampler experience so far!