Papercuts BOM Complete!

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In 2019, I ran my first Block of the Month program and just loved it! We are wrapping up this month and finishing our quilts by making the scissor block and assembling the quilt top. I just can’t wait to see some finished quilts from the participants.

This was a challenging BOM. These blocks were intended to stretch confident paper piecers. They require a lot of precision and patience but yield impressive results.

My quilt was quilted by Christina Lane. She really seems to get the look that I am going for and this is no exception. The quilt is quilted with horizontal lines and then each snowflake is quilted differently with geometric designs.

The late afternoon winter light is a little harsh in this image but it kinda helps to highlight the quilting so I will share it anyway!

I asked Christina to quilt a circle on the scissors to represent the screw and she went all out and actually quilted the screw! I love that detail!

Thank you to all my BOM participants for quilting along with me in 2019. If you are wishing that you had joined in, it’s not too late! You can still purchase the BOM and simply sew at your own pace. All the blocks will be available to you immediately, rather than month to month. The listing can be found here. And, of course, you are welcome to email me at any time with questions or to share pictures and get a little feedback!

Edited to add my snowy day picture!