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Pre-order Now!

My third book, Petal + Stem, is due to start shipping in about a month! I am so excited and can’t wait to share all the blocks and projects with you! Although I can’t show project pictures at this time, I assure you that this book is true to my style. It contains 40 mix and match petal and stem blocks that can be used to create beautiful quilts. In this book, I combine my love of flowers and gardening and my love of modern, paper pieced quilt design. As with my other books, all of the photographs were taken by me. The quilts photos were taken in local gardens, over rustic fences, or hanging on area barns. And I have some great flat shots with a pea stone background. Even if you don’t quilt, just flipping through the pictures will give you joy and inspiration.

The book is described as:

Quilters love a well-tended garden almost as much as perfect piecing. Now they can have both!

Quilters can finally create their ideal landscape with no watering required! Use Amy Friend’s 40 adaptable flower, stem, and leaf blocks (plus a snail and a butterfly!) to piece together a garden scene in any number of combinations: from tropical greenery using minimal greens and creams to a cottage garden packed with all of the bold hues of summer. Included are six colorful quilt patterns, and a cute tote, designed and pieced by the author to help get readers started with their planning, as well as inspirational digital layouts to showcase just how customizable these blocks can be. Perfectly pretty patchwork! “

The best way to support an author, is to order directly from him or her. I am asked about this a lot! I appreciate that many of you think about this and make a careful choice about where to buy your books.

I am now accepting pre-orders for Petal + Stem and will ship within 24 hours of their delivery to me. They are expected to arrive at the beginning of February 2020. I am selling autographed copies for $26, including free media mail shipping. If you want a custom message, or your name included, just leave me a note with your order.

Thank you all for your continued support of my design work. I am so excited about this book. It’s just plain pretty, for one thing. But it’s so much more.

Pre-order here.