The Quilter’s Field Guide to Color

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ave you seen Rachel Hauser’s book, The Quilter’s Field Guide to Color (affiliate link)? She discusses one of my favorite things in this book, color selection for your quilts. Rachel leads you through many exercises in this book to show you different ways to approach color selection. It will help you get started on your next quilt project by breezing through the fabric selection hurtle.

I explored the first experiment, using temperature; warm versus cool. The first step is to cut out all the color cards provided in the back of the book. That was the hardest part! I have always been taught to care for books and not to write in them or rip them and here I was cutting things out of them! Once I did, it was fun to shuffle the cards around and play with color combinations. I first completed the swatch challenge that you can see above.

Then I took the color chips over to my fabric stash and found matches. I stitched up one of the combinations in a Bear Paw block. If you follow all the exercises, and keep making blocks, you can complete Rachel’s Color Quest and make the gorgeous quilt below.

Visit Rachel’s blog to read all about it and to follow along with the book hop!