Collaboration with Hawthorne Supply Co.

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I recently collaborated with one of my favorite online fabric shops, Hawthorne Supply Co. I pieced a bunch of my foliage patterns from my new book, Petal + Stem, using their gorgeous greens.

I chose a variety of greens and golds from their in-house, digitally produced fabric collections. I tend to like tonal fabrics that read as one color so that my paper pieced lines really show and the result is bold and graphic. My selections were:

Wild Bouquet in GoldDoodle in PistachioSoul Burst in Dark GreenThatched in GreeneryTrekking in SproutTonal Daisies in SproutGarden in Dark KaleStardust in Zest, and Petite Fleur in Zest

I used many of these blocks in the medallion quilt that’s on the cover of my book.

I really enjoyed making these! If you’d like the patterns, my book can be purchased and ships daily from my Etsy shop!