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I just finished this quilt that I am calling Dusk. Due to the fact that we are all supposed to be staying at home as much as possible, I didn’t venture out for a photoshoot and had to make due in our yard. It sure would have been nice if some flowers were blooming. But I like this shadowy picture because it helps with the moody look that I was going for! This quilt is made following the Potting Mix pattern from my book, Petal + Stem, but using an alternate arrangement of the blocks and is sewn in only two colors. I think that the flowers, pots, and grass, look like silhouettes.

To refresh your memory, this is the original Potting Mix. See how wildly different the two quilts are? I love the flexibility of these layouts and the mix and match nature of the blocks.

I quilted with straight lines, using Aurifil 50 weight in a shade that matches the background fabric. Both of the fabrics are Art Gallery Pure Elements, which are my favorite solids. I didn’t love the 1/2″ spacing of the lines that I started out with so I went down to 1/4″ spacing and now I am satisfied. I also used a darker thread, a close match to the darker fabric, for occasional quilted lines.

I think that if you look carefully in this photo, you might be able to see the darker threads, especially if you look at the dark fabric. You will notice an absence of the lighter thread. I wanted to go with a gold fabric for the backing and was thrilled to find this print by Maureen Cracknell. It’s the perfect compliment to the front!

I will leave you with one last, sunnier picture of Dusk hanging on my barn.

If you would like a copy of my book, I am shipping daily from my Etsy shop. In fact, I just got a big mailbox so that I could fit them in there and avoid trips to the post office so I will not be risking my health. I hope you are all taking the precautions that you can. I am thinking of all of my readers and customers at this time.