Potting Mix

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This was such a fun quilt to sew! I call this one Potting Mix…yes, it’s a little play on words! My book, Petal + Stem, includes a pot pattern because I have a deep love of terracotta pots! I have them in all sizes and use them rather than plastic, even though it means more watering.

I chose three shades of green for the leaves and stems, and multiple shades of pink to purple for the flower heads. My version has three different flowers. In the book, I show other possibilities. You can either add more variety or less.

I quilted in a one inch diagonal grid with 50 weight Aurifil thread. It adds just the perfect amount of texture.

I am working on a second version of this quilt right now. I will share some progress shots on Instagram once I get a little more work done. The new version is going to be a two color quilt. It’s an idea that I had after the book so it will be something new to see!

If you’d like a copy of the book, it’s shipping from my Etsy shop now and from Amazon too (affiliate copy)!