Whimsy Garden

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Whimsy Garden is such a fun quilt to sew because you can include so many different flower and stem blocks in your layout! This is the final quilt from my book, Petal + Stem. Whimsy Garden is a modern row by row quilt featuring negative space and alt grid design. It’s assembled in 4 parts, making it perfect for a sew-along! I am planning a sew-along for this quilt in April with guest designers and prizes!

Each participant will choose his/her own blocks from the book to decide which flowers will grow in each row of the garden. There will be guidance from choosing your palette through quilting.

The sew-along will start on April 13th with a discussion about color palettes for your quilt. All you need to do between now and then, is get your book so that you are ready to go!

I hope you will join us! Look for more information here very soon.