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This quilt was one of the first designs that I came up with for my new book, Petal + Stem. I have fond memories of blowing on dandelions and making wishes when I was a child. And I have enjoyed seeing my kids do the same through the years. These simplified, modern dandelions are scattered in an alt grid design and seeds are blowing up and away.

A friend let me borrow her children as models for this photoshoot. While this was the picture that made it into the book, there were many good ones! The kids all collected dandelions from the field and slowly blew so that I could take a picture! It’s amazing how long it takes to plan a photo-shoot like this. How can we hang the quilt in the field? When will the grass be tall in the field and not yet mowed? Have the dandelions gone to seed? This picture is just what I had envisioned!

This one is sweet too! I used a simple leaf in this layout but my book also includes a jagged edged dandelion leaf that you could choose to substitute if you prefer a realistic look. There are a few other possibilities for the flower head too with deconstructed petals blowing away in the wind. I will show an alternate quilt soon.

My book officially releases on Amazon tomorrow (affiliate link)! It’s also available in my Etsy shop right now.