My New Potted Seedlings Quilt

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I am in the middle of the #whimsygardensewalong but that hasn’t stopped me from starting a second quilt! I sketched out a quilt top layout in EQ8, using blocks from my book, Petal + Stem and am working on sewing them now.

I decided to use different orange prints in my stash for the pots and different green prints for the seedlings. I was able to do this without repeating any oranges or greens; so that was fun! The background fabric is one of my own prints from my Improv fabric collection (there are still some fabric bundles in my Etsy shop!) The pot pattern is from my book, but the seedling pattern is a free pattern available in my pattern shop.

Then, I made a frog and a handful of scrappy grass blocks, using all the greens that I used in the seedlings blocks. The frog pattern can be found in either my Etsy shop or my Pattern Shop. The grass pattern is from Petal + Stem.

This morning, I finished up this butterfly. It’s also found in Petal + Stem!

I have one more block to sew and then I can start sewing things together! Exciting! I can’t wait to see how it all works together.