Whimsy Garden Sew-along Part 4

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Let’s start Part 4 of the sew-along! If you missed the previous posts for the sew-along look for Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

For the next two weeks, we will be designing and sewing the third row of the Garden Whimsy Quilt from my book, Petal + Stem.

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This is the third row as sewn in the book. Remember, this book is mix and match so you get to choose your own flower head and stem combinations within this layout. Here’s your chance to use two of the square stem blocks in combination, or a rectangular stem block. If you can’t picture what the combinations will look like, check out the “Possibilities” section starting on page 42. I illustrated the combinations that I thought worked, and the pieces that would fit together properly.

Remember, if you go outside of the layout plan, keep in mind that your precut pieces will no longer work and the yardage requirements may be different. They were all based on you keeping to my plan but mixing it up by choosing your own plants!

Before you start sewing, make sure that you have enlarged your templates by 125% as noted in the book.

This is my completed third row! I used the Beach Rose block with a tall stem block, 4 grass blocks, and a butterfly. As I mentioned in the book, the butterfly was kept simple on purpose, to allow for fussy cutting. I went with a solid though since this version of my quilt is exclusively solids.


Your goals for the next two weeks, are to choose your blocks, sew them, and assemble the third row of the quilt. My guest this week is Kim Niedzwiecki also known as Go Go Kim! Visit her blog to see what blocks she has chosen to sew for us! See her work on Instagram too.


Thank you again to our amazing sponsors for all the great prizes that I have to share with you!

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There will be two winners again this week, from the same amazing sponsors!

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Havel’s Sewing has offered another set of tools that includes a rotary cutter, scissors and thread snips! This prize will ship to a US winner.

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A second winner will receive one of these great little Oliso mini project irons. They are perfect for guild meetings and workshops. This prize will ship to a winner in the US or Canada.

The giveaway will be run on Instagram, just like last time. Any picture that you post in the next two weeks using the hashtags #whimsygardensewalong and #petalandstembook will count as an entry. You can take progress pictures of your blocks, photograph each finished block on its own, take a picture of the whole row, or just sew up the seedling block. I know that some of you are just getting your books and choosing background fabric. It’s perfectly ok to post a picture of the cover of your book, your fabric pull, or your palette inspiration for an entry. I am trying to make this easy and fun! You do not need to complete a row to enter. Oh, Frog blocks count too, of course! Basically, any picture that you share with those two hashtags, that is reasonably connected to the book will get you an entry. And you have the potential to enter many times! The winners will be chosen on Sunday, June 7, 2020. Just find my IG post with the prize image for all the details. You can find me on Instagram @duringquiettime. If you are not on Instagram already, I would encourage you to start an account. You will receive encouraging comments from others in the sew along and “meet” new quilters from around the world, in addition to being able to enter the giveaways! I will even walk you through posting your first picture on Instagram, just send me a message.

Congratulations to the winners of the previous giveaway! The winner of the Havel’s tools is @lynnvermeulen. The winner of the Oliso mini project iron is @9patchnurse. Congratulations!

I will be looking for your pictures on Instagram and see you all back here for the next installment on June 8!