Twilight Garden Pillows

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I love making pillows but haven’t made any in a long time because, for awhile there, I had A LOT of them. They have been given to various people as gifts so, at this point, I figured it was ok to make a couple more!

I made one pillow with the Snail block and Fairy Cap block from Petal + Stem. The other pillow also uses the Fairy Cap block but is paired with my Frog pattern. I really love the way that they turned out. The background fabric makes me think that it’s twilight. I quilted using a matching Aurifil 50 weight thread in a 1″ diagonal grid.

To save you from the math, if you’d like to make a similar pillow, use the cutting chart/diagram above. You can obviously switch the sides so that the flower is on either the left or the right. Also, I used one of the rectangular petal blocks from my book but you could opt to use a square petal block and a square stem block instead. The mix and match options are endless! You could also put the background fabric square on the bottom and replace it with the butterfly block from Petal + Stem.

Can’t you picture a butterfly fluttering in to visit a flower?

I hope you enjoy making your own pillows. I finished mine by cutting an 18 1/2″ square of background fabric and using an invisible zipper closure. I then use a 1/2″ seam allowance when I sew the pillow together so that an 18″ pillow form really fills it up nicely.