Petal + Stem Bouquets; Treat Yourself!

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I am excited and I hope you will be too! I love flowers so much that I kept designing new ones, even once I was done writing Petal + Stem!

How would you like to have a flower bouquet delivered to your inbox quarterly? There are 4 Bouquets and each contains 4 brand new block designs that work seamlessly with those found in my book, Petal + Stem. Each Bouquet also contains a Possibilities section, like the book, where you can see how these blocks mix and match with the components found in the book. Plus, there is a quilt design from Petal + Stem mocked up to include some of the new blocks.

Here’s how it will work. On Monday, you can begin pre-ordering for Option 1. Option 1 includes a year of surprise bouquets delivered to your inbox quarterly on August 15th, November 15th, February 15th, and May 15th. Plus, you will receive a free wall quilt pattern with your first Bouquet. This is a limited time offer, valid through the end of August, for $40. I can assure you that the block designs are what you would expect from me, in the style of those found in Petal + Stem. Option 2 allows you to purchase an individual Bouquet for $12 as it is released.

I will be back on Monday to share a peek of free pattern and sign up link!