Crimped Quilt

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I have finally completed my most recent project. It’s so hard to find the time to dedicate to making with the house in chaos due to remote schooling.

I decided to name this quilt Crimped, because the circular shapes with irregular edges remind me of pie with crimped edges. On Instagram, I was told that it looked like a kaleidoscope, origami, fans, and pencil shavings. I can see all those things too! I love that it calls to mind so many varied things.

The quilt design started off with the darker pink sections or “crimped” edges. Then I used the foundation paper piecing lines to create a secondary design with two shades of pink, cinnamon, and dark brown. That design gives way to more negative space on the left.

I quilted in a V shape using a light pink Aurifl 50 weight thread, following the V shape that I identified in the piecing. To switch things up a little, I filled the V with vertical lines on the left rather than echoing the V across the entire quilt.

My fabrics are all Art Gallery Pure Solids. They are my favorite for paper piecing. The finished quilt measures 43″ x 51.”

I backed it with a beautiful print by Sharon Holland for Art Gallery. It’s perfect for the fall palette!

I will work on a pattern but it won’t be ready right away. I am doing a lot of online lectures and teaching right now and busily working away on my BOM for 2021 as well. I will be sure to announce when it is ready!