New Virtual Lecture Offering!

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I am thrilled to announce a new virtual lecture offering called “All Things Petal + Stem.” I will share with you my enthusiasm for my recently published book, Petal + Stem.

In this approximately one hour Zoom lecture, I will share the inspiration behind Petal + Stem. I will explain how the book offers endless mix and match possibilities and ways to make the quilts your own! Additionally, while discussing the quilts, I will explain terms like “alternate gridwork,” “negative space,” and other modern quilting terminology. You will leave inspired to sew your own fabric gardens with my modern, stylized, paper pieced floral designs.

If this lecture sounds fun to you, mention it to the person in charge of your guild’s programs. I think it will be so refreshing to talk about flowers in the middle of winter, don’t you? I look forward to meeting you virtually!