Autumnal Bouquet

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My book, Petal + Stem, is full of mix and match flower, leaf, and stem blocks. There are several projects included in the book that are presented in one way but give you the option to replace blocks as you see fit with others in the collection. It’s so much fun that I couldn’t stop designing new blocks.

Over the summer, I introduced the Hothouse Bouquet to add even more variety for you.

Today, I am sharing my Autumnal Bouquet! This collection features Leaf 9, Leaf 10, and Leaf 11 (numbered consecutively from the book) and an Acorn. These blocks really add to the possibilities for one pattern in particular, the Flourish Quilt.

You could make such an amazing autumnal quilt! Leaves turn so many colors in the fall that the opportunities are nearly endless.

I made a really fun project with a couple of the blocks from the Autumnal Bouquet that I will share here soon. In the meantime, pick up your Bouquet in my pattern shop or Etsy shop!