Needle Cases!

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We have added a new hand-turned product to our repertoire! In addition to our hand-turned seam rippers, double ended seam rippers (stiletto on one end), necklace seam rippers, and basting tools, we are now making needle cases! By we, I mean my husband. He makes these beautiful tools on his lathe. I just photograph and sell them.

The keychain end of the tool unscrews to reveal a hidden compartment that can hold sewing needles or knitting needles up to 2 1/4″ in length. My Etsy listing will include a little video for you to see how they open.

It’s perfect for a sewing emergency on the go, like a loose button or torn hem. You could also store your needles in your sewing kit in style.

These needle cases will be listed in my Etsy shop mid morning tomorrow!