Next Door BOM Quilts

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Sometimes life gets in the way of our plans! I finished two versions of my Next Door Block of the Month quilt in 2019/20. I planned a cool photoshoot with architecture in the background but then Covid happened. It felt too complicated and, therefore, neither quilt was properly photographed. Today my husband helped me put together a fairly good set up in order to take a flat shot of each in our barn. I am posting them here mostly for my own benefit because my blog documents all of my quilts and I don’t want to leave these out.

The quilt pictured above, is my original version. It’s sewn in solids and the color palette was based on the style of each house for accuracy. I finished it at the end of 2019.

I decided to make a second version that was more whimsical because houses lend themselves so well to fussy cutting. This one was finished at the beginning of 2020. Both quilts were quilted for me by Christina Lane of Sometimes Crafter.

This was my block of the month program for last year, as I mentioned. But it’s never to late to sew the quilt if you are interested. You can still purchase the BOM and will receive immediate access to all of the blocks. The blocks are now available for individual sale as well in my shop.

Thanks for tolerating my out of date post! I really had to document these finishes.