Tell Me A Story Halloween Transitions

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I recently polled my Tell Me A Story swappers to see what kind of swap they would like next. Someone left a comment saying that they enjoyed collecting the blocks but didn’t know what to do with them since they had already made a Tell Me A Story quilt. Challenge accepted! I decided that I needed to add more options.

In keeping with the story telling theme of my Tell Me A Story Quilt, I created these new block designs.  Just like transitions in literature connect one idea to another, these blocks connect one story to the next!  They were designed to alternate with the Tell Me A Story block that can be found in my first book, Intentional Piecing.  The theme of this group of Transitions is Halloween.  There is a witch hat, pumpkin, and candy corn.  One could simply repeat the same Transition throughout the quilt top or mix them up.  Using Transitions, you get a whole new layout, in addition to the original in my book.

Here’s what they look like when pieced in a scrappy way and all versions used, alternating with Halloween themed Tell Me A Story blocks. Don’t you like the fun, new negative space shapes created between the blocks?

Of course, I have already designed some Christmas Transitions to go with our Holiday Tell Me A Story swap! Those will be coming soon. In the meantime, you can pick up the Tell Me A Story Halloween Transitions in my Etsy shop or pattern shop and get sewing!