Fur Baby Love Transitions

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People who know me well will laugh because I am allergic to both cats and dogs. But I know that many of you love your pets so much! These are for you.

In keeping with the story telling theme of my Tell Me A Story Quilt, I created these new block designs. Just like transitions in literature connect one idea to another, these blocks connect one story to the next! They were designed to alternate with the Tell Me A Story block that can be found in my first book, Intentional Piecing.

This collection includes a Dog, a Cat and a Heart. Here’s a little mock up to show you how they fit between the Tell Me A Story blocks and the cool shapes that are created by the negative space.

I think that these little, 6″ FPP blocks would be really cute on their own too, or combined with simple nine patches. Don’t you?

You can purchase the Fur Baby Love Transitions in my Etsy shop or my PDF shop. I hope you have fun with them! I think I might sew a black cat next! Hmmm…that made me realize that the black cat would work really well with the Halloween Transitions too!