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This photograph explains why I made this quilt. The days in late February and March are dreary and long in New England. The world lacks color. Everything is a drab, dirty white! I made this quilt full of bold pattern and color as my antidote to the blah I am feeling. It’s a normal seasonal feeling for me but amplified by the pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

The block design was created using my improv paper piecing method. You can learn this technique through my workshop or by reading my book by the same name. I really enjoyed playing with the block and seeing how the shaped worked together.

It’s fun to stare at the the quilt for awhile and notice certain patterns recede and others come to the fore. I mocked this quilt up in subtle colors and it just screamed for more. So, here it is, bold and demanding attention.

The finished quilt measures 48″ square. It’s paper pieced using Art Gallery Fabrics Pure Solids on the front and and AGF print on the back. I quilted in concentric circles using an Aurifil 50 weight variegated thread #4662. It happened to include all the colors I was using for piecing and blended well as moved through the fabric sections.

Now that I have completed this burst of color, I am going to need something else to keep me going because it’s not quite time to get out in the sunshine and garden!