Country Road Bouquet

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I am so excited to announce a new Bouquet today! It’s been awhile. Do you know what Bouquets are? They are PDF pattern bundles that add on to my book, Petal + Stem. My goal is to create blocks that mix and match with all existing blocks to simply multiply the joy in your fabric garden. They can be found in my pattern shop and Etsy shop. I have five Bouquets so far and am happy to introduce the 6th today!

This Bouquet started with the Bachelor Button! I love these flowers but have a difficult time growing them. I don’t know why, so I will have to be satisfied with the fabric version. I designed a new stem that is appropriate for a Bachelor Button and realized that it would work for a Crocus too. And that inspired the third block! The final block, the Spring Beauty, has been designed for at least a year and was waiting to round out a new Bouquet.

The Spring Beauty looks adorable in the Pot block or can substitute for the Grass or Pixie Cups blocks on ground level in a quilt top layout.

I hope that you love this new Bouquet as much as I do! And yes, these blocks can be used for the Petal + Stem swap too. I know someone will ask!

To purchase these patterns, visit my pattern shop or Etsy shop. Thank you!