Join me for the Mosaic Story SAL!

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I would absolutely love it if you would join as I sew a Mosaic Story Quilt. Here is a picture of my original quilt from 2014.

I made this quilt when I first thought up the idea of telling stories through fabric selection and fussy cutting. This quilt brings back really great memories of thoroughly enjoying pulling out all my fabric and making stories. My friend Becca from Sew Me A Song sewed along with me. Shortly after, I started writing my book, Intentional Piecing, and designed the Tell Me A Story block to introduce this idea to my readers. I changed up the block to make it easier to tell stories and made the center a big larger to accommodate more fussy cuts. BUT this block was a lot of fun just the way it was designed too and I thought it would be fun to go back and make another one. And, I got Becca to agree to sew along again which makes it really fun. The ladies from Moonlight Quilters are also going to join us! If you are a TMAS block swapper, I think you will love this too. If you aren’t, this is a great way to give it a try!

It’s going to be a no frills, laid back sew along. Do what you can, when you can. My hope is to sew 7 blocks each month for 7 months to complete the quilt top between April and October. I like having a lot of time because new fabrics will come out and we will want to include them! It’s also a great time to dive deep into your stash and pull out all your favorites. I am going to try my best to use mostly fabrics from my stash. I am also vowing not to repeat any fabrics in the quilt top (besides my background fabric.)

We will be preparing for the BOM for the next couple of weeks and kicking it off on April 1st. All you need to to is purchase the Mosaic Story Block pattern and complete this sign up form. I will be sharing my progress on Instagram using the hashtag #mosaicstorysal but my major method of communication will be through a newsletter to SAL participants. When you complete the sign up, you will get an email immediately with some prep work. On April 1st, you will receive another one with some sewing tips and we will get started. There will be one newsletter per month for participants only.

Join us!

I will share a sample block for my new quilt on Instagram soon and then I will start along with you on April 1st.