Garden Turtle

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I have received lots of requests for a garden turtle to join the other Petal + Stem critters!  I gave it a lot of thought but it just wasn’t working in the 6” x 6” format to fit with the others.  I decided to make it into a 6” x 12” block which still mixes and matches easily with the others in the book, although this horizontal rectangle is technically a new format.  I think it was a great solution! 

It looks particularly terrific with another grass block in front so that the grass pieces are continuous.  That’s how it is pictured above. 

You can sew a natural looking turtle in “turtle-like” colors or be a little whimsical and have fun with the shell color like I did here. 

I hope you have lots of fun with this turtle!

You can purchase the download in my PDF shop or my Etsy shop.