Tell Me A Story Block Swap Quilt Label

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This idea came to me after I recently finished my Tell Me A Story quilt that included many blocks from the swap. I thought it would be really special to have a quilt label for the swap quilts that tell the story of the swap.

I designed these quilt labels, my son helped me with some of the technical aspects, and I had them printed at Spoonflower.

The printed area of the labels measure 4″ wide by 8″ long and include about 1″ of plain fabric around the perimeter that can be turned under for a finished edge.

The image is of a Tell Me A Story block with a sewing machine, stitches, and envelopes. The story is that sewists from all over have sewn fabric stories and sent them to their teammates. The label reads “Tell Me A Story Block Swap/quilt designed by Amy Friend/fabric stories sewn by:/(insert your name here)/and quilting friends around the world/Finished on:/(insert date here.)” I recommend that you use embroidery or permanent marker to write your name and the date. I usually use the Pigma Micron Pens that you see in the picture. There is a little blank space below in case you want to add a note to the recipient of your quilt.

And yes, I will start another swap in the fall but am taking the summer off from swapping!

You can find the labels here in my Etsy Shop. I really hope you enjoy adding this extra touch to your special swap quilts.