Blossoming Bouquet

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A new Petal + Stem Bouquet has just been released! I am really excited about this one because it’s the first Bouquet that expands your on point options, something I had been wanting to do.

The Blossoming Bouquet includes a Flower Bud, Stem 17, and Leaf 12. The mirror image of the leaf is also included.

The Bouquet also includes a flower block that I am naming Peony. If you notice, I switched the direction of the Leaf 12 block here. It looks great in either direction and gives you even more options for designing your fabric garden.

You can also choose to sew four of the Peony blocks together to create a complete bloom.

When the blocks are arranged as they are on the pattern cover, they suggest a flower morphing from bud to partial flower to bloom. That’s where the bouquet got its name!

I think I may create a wall hanging showing that progression with my blocks. The completed Peony blooms work really well with the Wish Quilt Layout from Petal + Stem.

Just a reminder, this is the Wish Quilt. Can’t you picture it?

And the individual Peony blocks would work really well in the Daisy Chain layout pictured above. If you do not have Petal + Stem yet, you can find signed copies in my shop!

Enjoy! The pattern can be found in my Etsy Shop or PDF Pattern Shop.