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My time has been needed elsewhere most of this summer so far, but I was able to complete this quilt and I would like to share it with you!

I have decided to call it Semblance. I think of the expressions “semblance of order” and “semblance of normalcy” and think that they both work. When you look at this quilt quickly, you see order. Your eye is drawn to the repeated circular shapes. But if you pause for a moment, right beneath the surface, there is a second design. There are four on point squares formed by blocks that are sewn with fabrics a few shades lighter. I feel like this describes my summer well too. I am attempting to achieve a sense of order and normalcy but scratch the surface and you will know that I am dealing with an awful lot right now, juggling my children at home for summer, my work, my gardens during a drought, and most significantly, my Dad in hospice.

I intentionally chose to use the lighter fabrics to create on point squares that were not complete circles, but rather a quadrant from each circle. I think that this helps draws your eyes to the circular shapes first and those lighter squares second.

The quilting is a diagonal grid with 1/2″ and 1″ spaces between lines.

I was happy to use this Moonglow wideback byAlexia Abegg. I have wanted to use it since it first came out and color-wise, it works really well with this quilt. My finished quilt measures abut 56″ x 70.”

The pattern for this quilt will be ready later this fall. It’s foundation paper pieced, designed using my improv paper piecing methods described in my book, Improv Paper Piecing. I will, of course, share fabric names and suggestions.