New Petal Path Layout!

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I just finished sewing my quilt top for this new Petal + Stem layout that I have named Petal Path. Since I published my book, I have continued to design new blocks and layouts for you in order to provide even more possibilities for creativity. It’s going to be a little bit until I have a finished quilt to show since I still need to remove papers, baste, quilt, bind, and photograph. Since there is a new Petal + Stem block swap starting, I wanted to share this now so you might be able to use it for your swap blocks.

I made my Petal Path quilt in autumnal colors and included acorns for that fall feel. But you can use the layout and swap in other Petal + Stem blocks for a whole new look. Here is a mocked up spring version.

This quilt layout uses blocks that have already been released with the exception of one new block, the Scalloped Edging block. I thought that this block had so much possibility that I made it available in two sizes and have mocked up images to show you how you can use it as a border too, for instance.

The sizes I have chosen are standard and will work with the majority of quilt blocks, not just Petal + Stem blocks. I think you will find it useful for many projects. I know that I plan to use it again.

You can purchase the Scalloped Edging block in my Etsy shop or my PDF shop.

You can download the Petal Path layout for free here. I provide you with yardage requirements, background cutting directions, and assembly directions, but the block patterns are purchased separately.

I can’t wait to finish my Petal Path quilt up and take some pictures to share with you! If you want to see pictures of my quilt top, check my Instagram feed.